September 1, 1985
Happy 29th Birthday Mia
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Also if Blaine is living with his parents then I demand LEA SALONGA for his mother and request Peter Gallagher for his father. If they’re going to have Klaine broken up again then I want Blaine scenes with his parents and them being a part of things (not just Burt and Carole, whom I love).


I just really want to take Darren away from that show


Males are 1000% more attractive to me if they have short, dark, curly hair.


i went down to the middle school today for relay for life and i saw my old social studies teacher i had a crush on (don’t talk to me) and he was like “hey how are you i haven’t seen you in ages?” and the first thing i blurted out was “I JUST TURNED 18” and jesus christ if that’s not the thirstiest thing i’ve said in my whole life

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Totes reppin’ the dark knightiest of us all today.

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