30 something year old people that are not “Miarren and Chill friendly”. Like, really? Did you skip the growing up phase in your life?


Mayim Appreciation Week: Day Two-Favorite Mayim Quote;

"I’d say that life gets better when you’re a nerd. It’s really hard to be a nerd in junior high and high school and to feel like no one else is like you. It definitely gets better when you’re an adult, either because you stop caring that people don’t like you, or you do find more people who are like you." (X)

This is the cutest and most corny app for long-distance couples



Okay, so there’s this app called “Couple” in the app store. ((I think it may have been called “Pair” as well, but I’ve got the AT&T version.)) Let me tell you about this cute little motherfucking app.

Okay, so you have this icon

Not all that…



Thanks to @Madmoonriot for the super fun night and the snacks and the beer/champers. I wish I could have stayed longer! Until next time…
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